Saturday, November 12, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - it's a REAL Human Revolution!

Well, I got this game few weeks ago and for some reasons, I haven’t done. Anyways, I wasn’t very interested at first, as my friend told me that this game is going to be something kinda futuristic
But… It’s great! So the settings is somewhere at the age of 2020, where some people get Augmented – a.k.a. Implanted with some whatchamacallit robots and computers to enhance their human being. You’re Adam Jensen, the head security in Sarif Industries, one of the big players in the biomod industry. One day, the Sarif Industries headquarters in Detroit is under attack by some augmented soldiers. In an attempt to minimize casualities, you ended up heavily wounded when defending a top researcher *that it might seem that you had a crush on her*, Megan Reed. Luckily, you weren’t dead, you’re rescued by your colleagues and got implants to keep you alive – and to enhance yourself. Six months after that attack, you’re back at Sarif Industries with all new implants, with a task; to secure Sarif Industries’ manufacturing plant that is attacked by some peopled that labeled themselves the Purity First. Those ‘Puritsts’ think that augmentations harasses the nature because it’s as if people are playing god
But apparently, Jensen founds one of the so-called ‘Purisits’ is augmented and is connecting himself into one of the computers – it leads to the journey and adventure to figure out what in the god’s name is happening?
Created beautifully by Square Enix and Eidos Montreal, this game feels like Whiskey and Sake combined in a glass. Japan-made with American taste, still, with Japanese smell. Just like ‘classic’ Japanese style, there are ‘boss’ fights
As shown at the loading screen; “Think outside the box. The most obvious path is not always the best. Look for hidden paths, they might reward you in various ways.” – it exactly true. Look for ventilation shafts or another routes; be observant in map, look for hidden paths – maybe manhole, sewers, windows, hole in the fences, etc
As well as other ‘Japanese’ games, this one also uses experience points system. Once you level up, you receive one Praxis point. One Praxis point can be used to purchase improvements in augmentations, such as the Cranium Augmentations, Dermal Augmentations, etc
In order to ‘reveal’ the hidden paths, I suggest you to purchase the Cybernetics Prosthetic Arm upgrade which allows you to punch trough weak walls and the upgrade that allows you to lift heavy object – most of the hidden paths usually hidden behind heavy objects and weak walls
Deus Ex – Human Revolution: Think Outside The Box

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Alert 3: a story of a legend

Red Alert 3: story of a legend

Okay, okay, I know, I always put out-of-date stuff; Red Alert 3 is a 2008 game, yes, but what's wrong by putting it into my blog? Haha. Ever since the first Red Alert was published, it was great *EA really knows how to create such a great game*. Then it came the Red Alert 2 at 1999, followed by its expansion, Yuri's Revenge. Here, all factions still quite the same, with more or less the same ability - each got their own plus and minus; Allies experts in technology and infiltration, Soviets came up with their brute force in reasonably cheaper price, and Yuri got his mind-controlling skills

Here in Red Alert 3, everything changes. The story is that the Soviets was in the brink of defeat and they went back in time to change everything *just like Red Alert 2's first mission* - they 'eliminated' Einstein, "the man most responsible in the Allies' technological superiority", they said. And when their superior leaders, Anatoly Cherdenko (who became to be a Premier at last) and General Boris Krukov, with Dr. Gregor Zelinsky (the man who made the time machine) return to present time, Soviets rule most of the Europe, except Great Britain. But then, they invaded by an unknown threat: superpower robots and heavy naval vessels, under the flag of Empire of The Rising Sun, or Japan. Yep, as the nuclear power gone, Japan rose as new power, conquering the world, don't give a damn about Soviets or Allies - who's winning? It's your call ;)

This game is also equipped with an expansion called Red Alert 3: Uprising that released a year after the original game released. Uprising got tons of bug fixes and new maps, units, as well as new short campaigns and special missions. But mod creators made mods that enables Uprising units and maps on Red Alert 3, so it really cuts hard drive usage :D - another bunch of mods has been made as well, with various features available. My favorite is Shock Therapy :)

Ok, back to the game. Now we can build anyting on water as well, except for infantry and vehicle production. And now, the ConYard also act as your radar, so when you pack it into MCV, you'll lost your radar. Here, your ConYard can also power itself, so when your power is down, your radar still functioning, even though your production time slowed. And, oh, there are no repairing depot here; instead, every vehicle production facility equipped with four small flying drones that will repair any of your vehicle within the service range. But the Soviets, well, their drones only available at the Crusher Crane

The Soviets uses new way of building compared to the previous chapter of Red Alert, enabling them to put the building on the ground first then it builds by itself. Moreover, there is a Crusher Crane that can be used to build another building – it acts as another ConYard and repairing station - so you don't relay only on one ConYard. The problem is, while you're building, it is very vurnerable against enemy, even a single infantry. So you might wanna put some units to cover your building when expanding bases. The Soviet still expertise in Army, as they have the strongest tanks and, in cheap infantry. Soviet's power supreme such as Kirov Airship and Apocalypse Tank are still there, and become the one of the most feared weapons ever. But one drawback is, the Apocalypse Tank can no longer shoot airborne targets - so you might wanna put air cover when attacking with Apocalypse. Anyways, now Soviets also has a commando, named Natasha. She is an expert sniper commando that can kill several infantry in seconds with her Dragunov Sniper Rifle and is authorized to call in airstrikes, that can annihilate anything in one shot - either it's just a tank, a battleship, or even a ConYard or Superweapon. Meanwhile, Soviet's Iron Curtain is still available, but without Nuke Silo. It's replaced with a Vaccum Imploder that also gives strong punch to enemy. The upgrade tree of the Soviets is the simplest; just build an Airbase, a Super Reactor, a Battle Lab and your production structure, anywhere, can build anything.

Let's go to the Allies. They uses the old-fashioned Red Alert style to build; click, wait, and put it down. Safer than the Soviets, but not when your ConYard is under attack. To build two buildings at once as the Soviets do, you gotta build two ConYards. Allies expertise in Air Superiority and High-Tech Tactical Offensive, as they have the quick-attacking Vindicator, versatile Apollo Fighter, and extremely powerful Century Bomber. In Uprising, there's also Harbinger Gunship, that as the name suggest, an extremely powerful gunship plane that require no rearm. Some of the Allies units are tactical-offensive, such as Cryocopter that can freeze enemy ground or sea units. If you remember the good-old Prism Tank and Mirage Tank, now they're unite as one Tank named Mirage Tank, that is invisible until fire and has Prism Tank's cannon. Ironically, their armor is damn weak. Allies' Superweapon is now called the Proton Collider, and the unique Chronosphere is still available. The tech tree is quite a bit more difficult than before, as you have to upgrade it at the ConYard and the uprgade is only available at nearby building, as the upgrade act as signals, called the 'Clearance'. To enhance more tech, you're gonna need to build a Defense Bureau (sort of a battle lab). In the other hand, if you build an expansion base, you're gonna need to upgrade the 'Clearance' there as well. Allies' Tanya is still present, and she still uses the same tactics in the previous Red Alert

Ok, let's jump to my favorite faction: the Empire of The Rising Sun. This new awesome faction uses the totally unorthodox construction method; instead of building by ConYards, the Japs employ Nanocores. Nano-what? Their ConYard did not directly construct their buildings, but produce Nanocore instead. Each Nanocore can traverse land or sea, *can’t fly though* then unfurled into buildings, just like MCV to ConYard. But unlike ConYard, the deployed buildings can’t pack up once unfurled. This means an awesome capability of expansion, as there are no field – of – construction required; build anything, almost anywhere! But this also considered a threat, as the nanocores are reasonably weak and transporting them to certain location might require extra attention. As I mentioned before, these Japs utilize robots, mostly. And to your surprise, there are no airbase. But there are some units that can be transformed into air units. The Mecha Tengu, for example, an anti-personnel robots that can be transformed into Jet Tengu, an anti – aircraft fighter plane. The Defender VX that can be transformed into Chopper VX, and Sea Wing to Sky Wing. In Uprising expansion pack, there’s an ultimate unit; the Giga-Fortress. Shaped like a giant star, this monstrosity is too big to be directly deployed from Imperial Docks. Instead, the Imperial Dock produces the Nanocore first, then you unfurl it into the Giga-Fortress. Unlike other cores that require only four seconds to create, this special nanocore require thirty seconds, and another thirty for it to unfurl. If you think a massive sea vessel with eight powerful main guns and ten rocket launchers ain’t enough, then transform it into the secondary form, a flying heavy bombardment unit that can simply devastate anything on the ground with it’s God’s Breath Device. The tech tree is… well… a little bit confusing. You gotta upgrade each production facility. The first upgrade is available as soon as you built the facility while the breakthrough available once you built the Nanotech Mainframe *some sort of battle lab* Nanotech Mainframe also unlock the advanced base defenses and Superweapons. For me, Rising Sun’s commando unit is the best. Yuriko Omega is the name. Instead of using weapons as other infantry, she uses her own mind as weapon. She can easily devastate anything with her mind, like literally, anything. If other commandos swim and run, she hovers with her mind.

Oh, snap! :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bulletstorm - it's real EPIC!

Ok so here it is, when one of the top game Developer, Electronic Arts, work alongside EPIC Games (who created bunch of real EPIC games) and People Can Fly, with Unreal Technology, resulted in a real state-of-the-art First Person Shooting Game, Bulletstorm. Well, at first, I wasn't really interested in such futuristic games *for an instance, Mass Effect or other games that went to space and meet aliens* but Bulletstorm is an exception. Okay, there are bunch of semi-bulletproof mutants *all the enemies are mutants!* that can be killed by, either, rain of bullets or kick them to cactus. That's right! The whole thing that made me like this game is that we aren't just rolling with assault rifle as in Call of Duty, but we can always do ore attack, like kick them or other objects for extra fun~! *and bullet conservation*, either to sharp building debris, cactus, or to the fall! And, if they're too far, sliding them ain't gonna hurt. You can just headshot them afterwards. Oh, if sliding is too far, just leash them! Leash them to electric shock, cactus, or anywhere! This game is a real stress relief game for me, with various possibilities of attack combos, either with the various weapons, nearby 'weapons' *the cactus, electric shock, sharp objects, hot dog cart, and the good old oil barrel, man-eating plants, et cetra*. And oh, here are the enemy types

Skulls: The Standard and first enemy you encounter. They are most likely human *probably mutated too*, mainly using the Peacemaker assault rifle. Do anything to them; kick, leash, slide, hot dog cart, explosives, et cetra. The other types uses the "revolver", these skulls can't be leashed, but you can slide them to falls or anything. The other ones are those with the "double-barrel shotguns". Slow, but very powerful and your kicks and leashes won't throw them as far as the standard skulls. But as they are thrown, finish them off! And, the skulls with Flailgun. Be careful with this one, as they can launch their flail and blow you up. But if you're fast enough, blast them before they reach you. They usually came in group of these idiots and you can just pop one of them and enjoy the show!

Creeps: Yeah, they looks creepy, and can't be leashed! My first thought was these creeps *who looks like red-skinned ghosts with hoodie jacket* was going to use some kind of "ghost attacks" but guess what? They uses Peacemaker assault rifles and the "sniper rifles!" smart ghosts. Though they can't be leashed, but you can always snipe them, use flailgun for quick crowd control, and for close combat, kicks still become my first option. In some events there are some kind of 'fruits' that you can leash and kick to them, and the fruits will stuck in their head for a short period of time then it popped off. By that time, you can always leash them while they're stunned by the fruits

Burnouts: They said that it's the worst enemy ever, but I say, no. Yes, they are quick and agile, powerful, but they are goddamn stupid. Just leash them to nearby traps or pop their head or ass off with your weapons. These idiots always come in number, so crowd control firepowers always become my first option

Final Echoes: These guys might look like 'advanced' enemies, with the awesome outfit and everything, but they are not very different with skulls. The only differences is, they can charge shot too, so watch out when they turn red. The rest, is just the same

Sub-Bosses: There are three sub-bosses, the one with the Gattling Gun, the Bouncer, and the Drill. To finish them off, first you have to stun them. My favorite quick attack is double thumper. First you have to purchase thumper, then thump them once to stun them. Then, simply just thump them again! Touchdown! There are bunch of ways to stun and kill these sub-bosses. The Gattling one got the general rule; headshot is the best, though when they're stunned their ass are a great weakspot. Shut the Bouncer by popping their backpack, and for the Drill one, well, he's quite difficult. But my second favey is, charge shot, and charge it like crazy!

Sounds like 'hey charge shots are expensive', 'hey weapons are expensive', yes they are, but they're worth the price you pay. And, oh, try to be creative with your attacks. Unlock and do various skillshots to earn much skillpoints, then arm yourself to the teeth and ready for action!

Bulletstorm - real epic!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bad News

Okay, it's a bad news. What is it? My laptop, again

This is not a new story, actually, since the whole thing happened like last week. One of my junior classmate borrow my laptop (that I usually used to post stuff and talk about here) to create some sort of a movie for her report. No big deal

The school sent me and another 49 people from my school to attend a sort of a TV shooting that nearly took a day in the same day. So while I was in the TV, she and her friend are busy with the laptop. Needless to say, I was bloody tired after the disappointing shooting. Well, the whole program was about a sort of a debate, which says "Should A Pregnant Student Be Kicked Out From School?" and our school's team say yes, while the opposing team says no. Guess who are the opposing team? 50 guys from The Faculty of Language and Literature from one of the top university in Indonesia. But guess what? The way those people act was like... riot. Well not literally a riot, but it's just... quite a chaos, since they gave like a rain of interruptions, and seems like the moderator wasn't doing his job right. Anyways, after the whole thing was done, we left the studio, took another box of lunch and snacks, head to the bus and return to the school

The school was quiet like a ghost town. More like Pripyat after the Chernobyl tragedy. I went upstairs to took my bag from the locker, then  I'm looking for those who were borrowed my laptop. I swept through the third floor, down to first. There's a crowd, and I see one of them are the girls who borrowed my laptop. So I came and...

me: there you go! where's my laptop?
crowd: blah blah blah blah (they're blathering about something terrible)
me: (what the hell is happened?) hello? can anyone tell me where in the world is my little laptop?
my junior: oh sorry - sorry, I really sorry for everything... I'll fix your laptop ASAP, I'll do... I'll do... please don't be mad at me... (cries)
me: (jeez what the hell is this again?) what the hell happened here?
another junior: so... uh... eh... your laptop is...
(one of them shown my laptop to me)
me: (what the fuck?! It's...) Hey wh...
my junior: sorry, please forgive me, I apologize - sorry, I'll fix your laptop, I accidentally dropped it, I... I'll fix it... I promise... please don't be mad at me... (cries)
me: so... uh... you dropped it, and...
my junior: yes... please don't be mad at me... I'll fix your laptop... I promise...
me: err... well okay, fix it... (so this is all about) okay then just fix it

So you know. The whole thing was damaged, and that's the cause. Last night she text me, said that the whole thing was done and she'll give me my laptop back at Monday. Okay, problem solved. But hell, most of my new tasks are all at that thing, and I'm afraid that they'll gone...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Windows Live Essential 2011 Offline Installation

Alright, so I installed Windows Live Essential 2011 on this little laptop. I downloaded the setup like that time and try to install it. But it require an internet connection to install it. Anyways, I've installed it and now it's installed inside my laptop. But I also wanted to install it on my desktop PC, which doesn't have any internet connection. So I discovered a trick to install it on my desktop.

All you have to do is first, install it in an computer that have internet connection then open this directory

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache

Then you'll see many folders. What next? Check one. See what's inside? Yeah, the Windows Live setup applications. You just need to copy the application to the PC which doesn't have an internet connection and install them! Done. Simple and easy =)